Registered charity no: 801103

Welcome to The Cambridge Cavy Trust

The Cambridge Cavy Trust (CCT) is a charity that was established in 1984 to promote the veterinary care and general wellbeing of guinea pigs.

It was created and is primarily run by Vedra Stanley-Spatcher, who has more
than 40 years of experience with guinea pig veterinary care.

We work alongside the veterinary profession to bridge the gap in veterinary
training relating to naturally occurring disease within the species.

Through our other establishment, The British Association of Rodentologists, we offer training opportunities to members of the public who wish to learn more about guinea pig health issues as well as to veterinary professionals and anyone who works with guinea pigs. For more information about BAR and their training courses, please visit their website.


The CCT is a registered charity which provides specialist care and 24/7 telephone or email guidance to its members. You can become a member of the CCT and help to support the charity clinic by paying an annual subscription fee of £38, renewable in December of each year. This fee covers all of the member’s guinea pigs, regardless of how many they have.

This fee entitles you to a full year of:

  • No consultation fees
  • No out of hours charge
  • Access to our rodent medical emergency helpline 24/7
  • Referrals to your nearest qualified Rodentologist where appropriate
  • Referrals to your nearest BAR-recommended veterinary surgeon
  • Post-operative nursing care is available on our premises with a person on active duty throughout the night
  • FREE quarterly health checks at one of our clinics
  • FREE quarterly worming
  • FREE nail clipping
  • FREE dental work as and when required
  • FREE parasitic checks

If you wish to become a member, please download the Membership form below and post it with your cheque (made out to “Cambridge Cavy Trust”) to:

Cambridge Cavy Trust
1 Splash Lane
PE28 2AF

If you wish to pay via credit/debit card or cash you may do so on your visit (at a pre-arranged appointment) or, if you wish to pay by card over the telephone, please text Vedra on 07721 026401 with your name to request a time slot when we are available for you to make a payment over the phone.


To make an appointment, please text Vedra on 07721 026401 and ask for an appointment. Please give a brief idea of the condition of your guinea pig/reason for visit so we can be better prepared to help. If you think it is an emergency, please telephone the helpline on 07721 026401; if Vedra is busy then please text requesting an urgent time to call.

All text messages – including replies to messages from Vedra – must begin with your surname and membership number or first line of your address so we can identify you.


Vedra is highly allergic to any variety of woodshavings and sawdust, resulting in anaphylactic shock. Therefore it is ESSENTIAL that you tell Vedra in advance of your appointment if your guinea pigs have been kept on woodshavings/sawdust. Guinea pigs kept on these beddings should be shampooed first providing they are well enough. If they are too poorly to shampoo please still bring them and they will be seen by another member of staff.  Please bring them in on newspaper topped with either Vetbed, fleece or towels.


A holiday boarding service is available at our 1 Splash Lane premises (non-members also welcome). The cost is £4 per guinea pig per night. This price includes a complimentary full shampoo, worming, nail clipping and dental check.


Click the image below to open and download your copy of the registration form. All details are provided on the form: just download, print and follow the instructions.


If you would like an appointment or have a query please text Vedra on 07721 026401.